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Authentic Flavors of Asia

Experience the traditional flavors and aromas of the Far East, right in your kitchen. ASIAN GOURMET quality products and affordable prices, you can easily bring new and old recipes into your home. So enjoy a trip to Asia tonight, and make it a tradition.

  • Specialty Rice Crackers

    Traditionally known as a popular Japanese snack, rice crackers can be enjoyed alone of served with cheese or dips. ASIAN GOURMET rice crackers are light, oven baked and available in a variety of traditional Asian flavors.

  • Flavorful Sauces

    A complete line of authentic Asian cooking sauces with true traditional flavor. Perfect for dipping, grilling, sauteing and topping meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles.

  • Gourmet Noodles

    A variety of imported, gourmet Asian noodles ready for a variety of cold and hot recipes. Combine your choice of noodle with vegetables, meat or seafood and toss with one of our sauces for a quick and easy authentic meal!